Epic Card Game Review


Hello all readers! This is the first of not-really-weekly game reviews I wish to publish. Just to provide a little bit of background about myself, I have been gaming for about 3.5 years. Since then, I have grown to love it. I have designed a few unpublished games, and I play all styles of games, from Eurogames to Ameritrash, from Adventure games to Wargames, I play a variety of games. I am a student, so that means that these reviews probably won’t be weekly, more like monthly, because the life of a student is an unpredictable one.

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The Future

Hey guys, now that people are actually subscribing to this, I thought I’d continue the content! Most of my Lotr LCG articles will be featured on TalesfromtheCards, so this leaves this space free to focus on other games! I will post links to the TftC articles. Mainly I will be talking about Epic and Netrunner. And yes, I will finish that Beorning Beekeeper article.


Fortune or Fate: Beorning Beekeeper

Welcome to my new segment, called Fortune or Fate. In these articles, certain aspects of the game such as specific cards or deck types will be looked at from a critical standpoint. They will then either be given Fortune, which means that the card or deck in question is helpful for the game, or they will meet a grim Fate, in which they will spend most of their time in a binder. So, without further ado, let us look at our first trial; a look at the Beorning Beekeeper.

The Hunt for Gollum: Hero Review

To kick off Lore of the Rings, I will be doing a series of reviews of Adventure Packs. The first review will be about Bilbo, the hero in The Hunt for Gollum. At first I didn’t plan on getting this expansion, but a number of factors, including Bilbo, changed my mind.

So first we’ll look at his stats. They are fairly weak, with his only decent stat being his two defense, but even that is counteracted by his astonishingly low hit point value of two, the lowest of any hero. That and his 9 threat cost make him seem like a bust. But is he?
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